how to query for a machine in sccm

Query in SCCM to list all security patch status - System , Jun 06, 2017· You can pull report from SCCM report Here is very easy Process REPORTING ->REPORTS ->SOFTWARE UPDATE –A COMPLIANCE RIGHT CLICK ONCOMPLIANCE 3 –UPDATE GROUP (PER UPDATE)
SCCM Report Query for Machine Make and Model Count , SCCM Report Query for Machine Make and Model Count - If you want to report on the number of certain makes and models of machines that you have within your Configuration Manager environment then you can run - Report Query for Machine Make and Model Count , Next story Configuration Manager Report Query for Server Name and Properties; Previous .
SCCM: Collection Query to get all machines who haven’t , May 13, 2010· SCCM: Collection Query to get all machines who haven’t rebooted in X amount of Days Posted on May 13, 2010 by rbalsley Here's a query that I use to see all machines who haven't rebooted in 7 days You can change the 7 to however many days you want
Create collections - Configuration Manager | Microsoft Docs Import Query Statement - Opens the Browse Query dialog box where you can select a Configuration Manager query to use as the query rule for the collection Resource class : Select the type of resource you want to search for and add to the collection
SCCM SQL QUERY FOR FINDING NEWLY DISCOVERED MACHINES , Jul 10, 2014· home sccm sql query for finding newly discovered machines in sccm SCCM SQL QUERY FOR FINDING NEWLY DISCOVERED MACHINES IN SCCM ,
CMPivot in ConfigMgr 1806 – Part 3 – CMPivot and SQL , So far in this series we’ve talked how to use CMPivot to query online machines in your environment and what you can then do with that information Now we’re going to take a step back from the tool itself and look at what ConfigMgr does with the data , System Center ConfigMgr
How To Find the Collection Membership Information of a , Aug 24, 2009· Many times during the course of troubleshooting you may come across a situation where you need to find out how many Collections a specific Client machine is a member of Here is how you can find that information, along with the Collection Names and the ID's: Run the following query in SQL against the SMS.
How to image unknown computers in SCCM 2012 – 4sysops Understanding unknown computers in SCCM 2012 ^ For me, the largest barrier to overcome was unknown computer deployments These are OS deployments to machines not found in the SCCM database or those that your SCCM infrastructure is not currently managing
How to use SCCM Dynamic Queries in your Deployment Collections In this post we will be looking at how you can use SCCM dynamic queries in your package deployments using SCCM We will be using queries extensively , Since we want to exclude these machines from the collection I simply negate the above query with a , List of SCCM CMPivot Query September 27, 2018; How to configure SCCM 1806 Cloud .
SOLVED - SCCM Collection Query For Hyper-V Virtual , Aug 21, 2017· System Center Configuration Manager; SOLVED SCCM Collection Query For Hyper-V Virtual Machin Thread starter ikkhatri; Start date May 8, 2017; Tags collection hyper-v query sccm; Status Not open for further repli I ikkhatri Member May 8, 2017 #1 May 8, 2017 #1 Hi There, I have tried various wmi queries to target hyper-v virtual .
Ultimate SCCM Query Collection List - Top Collection Queries Ultimate SCCM Query Collection List Here are some useful queries for System Center Configuration Manager that you can use to create collections These collections demonstrate different queries you can use to create all the collection you need Simply copy and paste these into the sccm query statement of the query ,
#ConfigMgr Query for all software installed for all , #ConfigMgr Query for all software installed for all machines in a collection Recently we had the need to get a list of all software installed on a group of systems in a collection in ConfigMgr There was an existing report which provided this for a single computer but we needed to put it together for a collection of computers (not based upon .
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ConfigMgr, Query Machines Based on TopConsoleUser in a , Now you can simply make a Collection based on this query and you can target your Task Sequence to these machin Deployment Configuration Manager , group , query , SCCM , sub select query , top console user , topconsoleuser , user , user in group
SCCM – Duplicate Device Records – ConfigMgrnl A few days back I was investigating duplicate device records in SCCM Basically, there are two major reasons for duplicate device records: Reinstalling a device Active Directory delta discovery For the first reason SCCM has some built-in solutions
SQL Queries FOR SCCM | Vasanthblog Feb 10, 2012· SQL Queries FOR SCCM February 10, 2012 March 8, 2012 vasanthsccm , SQL Query Get Machine and User Information From A Specified Collection This SQL query will return machine and user information from a specified collection Included will be the Machine name, Resource domain name, Login user ID, the account use domain, user’s .
SCCM ConfigMgr SQL Query to Find Out OS Details with SP , SCCM 2012 and 2007 Custom report/SQL query to find out the Operating System details with service pack of the machines/workstations in your organization with Site code and country details
Create queries - Configuration Manager | Microsoft Docs On the General tab of the Create Query Wizard, specify a unique name and an optional comment for the query System Resource Use to search for typical system attributes, such as the NetBIOS name of a device, the client version, the client IP address, and Active Directory Domain Services information .
Duplicate PC's or GUIDS in my SCCM (ConfigMgr) Well, if they don’t prep that machine correctly with sysprep and the have the SCCM or SMS client already installed, this will cause a problem that you could be tracking down for days To resolve this issue, let’s see how many duplicates you have
SOLVED - SCCM Query statement to add devices automatically , Feb 04, 2016· Hi Prajwal I tried to add Query statement to add Client machines automatically to my specified device collection I use your Query from your blog but nothing has .
SCCM Report primary device for user - Tips from a , Ultimate SCCM Query Collection List; SCCM Report primary device for user May 13, 2016 May 13, 2016 Anders Rødland Configuration Manager So a customer of mine wanted a report from configuration manager to list primary devices for their users Here is the SQL query I ,
How to create a SCCM Query - System Center Central How to create a SCCM Query Blog, Config Manager by Simon Skinner on July 14th, 2009 Here is the basic principal to creating your queries, in the SCCM console there is a section called “Queries” , So I looking for all the Windows 7 machines in our SCCM Site
[SOLVED] SCCM Query Help - Virtual Machines - Spiceworks Jun 04, 2014· Virtual Machine (Win32Reg_SMSGuestVirtualMachine) Make sure you are inventorying the Physical Host Name Here is the quick query I threw together after enabling those clases in my Hardware inventory:
SCCM How to find the list of Software Updates patches , SCCM How to find the list of Software Updates patches installed Via Quick Fix Engineering , Share on Facebook Tweet on Twitter I’ve seen people requesting for reports of list of Software Updates (patches) installed on a system along with Installed date ConfigMgr is not , One liner command to list down the patch details of a machine .
The World's Best Configuration Manager Queries: Part II , His second query, also in SCCM console format, is handy for populating what he calls "exclusionary collections" He uses this one to create a collection of machines that aren't part of another .
How to Get the Deployment Status of ConfigMgr Applications , Sep 25, 2014· PowerShell and SQL server It’s a combination I’m liking more every day 🙂 In this post, I give you a PowerShell script that will query your ConfigMgr SQL server and return the deployment status of a ConfigMgr Application It will return data for each deployment of the application, giving you the names of the deployment types and the targeted collections, as well as the status of each .
SCCM 2012 – List of SQL queries – Karthick Jokirathinam's blog SQL Query to find ADD or Remove Programs of a specific machine select bName0,aDisplayName0,bUser_Name0, aVersion0 from v_Add_Remove_Programs a join v_R_System b on aResourceID=bResourceID
Script Get-PendingReboot - Query Computer(s) For Pending , Aug 30, 2018· Get-PendingRebo ot - Query Computer(s) For Pending Reboot State This function gets the pending reboot status on a local or remote computer Now supports SCCM 2012 Clients
SCCM 2012 - Creating Device Collections - The Sysadmins Device collections in System Center 2012 Configuration Manager represent a logical container for a grouping of devic These collections can then be used to perform a number of tasks, such as deploying software, compliance settings or task sequenc
how to query for a machine in sccm - addoorbiz SCCM 2012 - WQL Query for machines with specific , If you need to identify machines with specific software installed on a machine but would also like to know whether they have a certain version of the stated software .